Entry deadline for the 2018-2019 Snowbird Series is Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The Entry fee is $50 for the series, or $15 for each individual race entered – due Wednesday before the race (mailing address is 2442 NW Market Street, Box 98, Seattle, WA 98107). Class breaks will be available by 6:00PM the Friday before each race on the SBYC web site www.shilshole-bayyc.org. Check the SBYC web site for specific race instructions.

Entry fee: $50 for the five race series, or $15 for each individual race. Mail to 2442 NW Market Street, Box 98, Seattle, WA 98107.

Dates: November 17, 2018; December 8, 2018.
January, February, and March of 2019: TBD (See the SARC after November, 2018)

Boat Information

Contact Information

In consideration for participating in this series, I represent to the Shilshole Bay Yacht Club that my yacht has liability insurance currently in effect, covering property damage, personal injury and death in an amount not less than $300,000 per occurrence, and that the policy covers yacht racing activities: I acknowledge that the decision to enter my yacht and participate in this race series is solely my own; and I agree to be bound by the International Sailing Federation Racing Rules as adopted by US Sailing, including national prescriptions, except as modified by the Vessel Traffic/Safety Rules,
the Specific Sailing Instructions for this series. I acknowledge that it is recommended to monitor VHF channel 14 when in the vicinity of and while occupying the VTS lanes. I also acknowledge that impeding commercial traffic in any way while participating in this series may result in disqualification from this race or series.