Here it is 2018 – it’s here – ready or not. At the start of the year, many of us set goals that we wish to achieve. My goal is to do as many activities as I can. As the board members heard at the last meeting my boat had sunk at its moorage. It didn’t go completely under, just three feet or so of water in cabin. The owner of the house where I moor it noticed the bow was down quite a bit and put a high speed pump in it. However the boat is extremely damp inside and is getting very moldy inside. The surveyor came down Thursday and will send his assessment to my insurance company next week. I hope it’s salvageable as I have had that boat since August of ‘96.

I hope the New Year brings all of us prosperity and good health (and good news regarding my boat.) Until then I hope to see you all at the next dinner meeting on January 16, where our Vice Commodore has a great speaker lined up for us. Until the 16th – smooth sailing and fair winds.