“If you are going to do something, do it now. Tomorrow is too late.” —Pete Goss

There’s still time to visit the Seattle Boat Show – if you’re reading this in early February. Vixen‘s crew attended on opening day and spent our time walking through the equipment, gear, and services displays at the main location, before ending at the continuously-diminishing “sailing particle” of the show, where most of the boat choices are basically down to either inflatable “sport boats” or the ever-popular Gig Harbor boats. That’s a bit disappointing given the surrounding sea of fish and wake-board boats on offer, but the Seattle Boat Show is a long-standing tradition that’s hard to pass up, and there’s always something new to learn (or lust after).

The Boat Show also reminds us that summer can’t be far off and can kick-start us to address that nagging issue from last year or learn something new. Knots are often a good place to start – we all use them, and nothing separates a seafarer from a lubber quicker than a well-tied knot that perfectly answers the application. (Try coming up through the large lock at Ballard without knowing, or remembering, the sheet/becket bend; ask me how I know…). While practicing your five or six “core” knots in the spring, try learning a new knot each year and you (and your friends) may be surprised at how many proper knots you know. And there’s nothing like the confidence and satisfaction that comes when lashing cargo onto the deck or cabin top, or a car or truck’s roof rack, with a bend or hitch or that will hold fast and secure to the destination.

At this time of year, we’re also focusing on our planned club cruises. First up is Winter Fest in Edmonds this year, see below for details. We’ve reconfirmed that the last day to turn in boat names that will be attending, which is March 8. This can be done via the “Winterfest” string in Discord, or email at cruisechair@shilsholebayyachtclub.com. Also important to note is that all slip reservations are to be run through Cruise Chair, and we’ll submit the final tally to the marina office on the 8th. The marina office will redirect skippers to us and should not be contacted directly.



March 22-24 Winter Fest at Port of Edmonds Marina – NOTE: This date was changed due to conflict with a Snowbird Race event scheduled for the previous weekend. The Drop-Dead date (DDD) for vessel reservations is March 8, and Captains go through Cruise Chair; please do not contact the marina directly. As of this writing we have four boats committed.

April 5-7 Yellow Fest at Blake Island Marina. The shelter is reserved for that Saturday.

May 17-19 Burger Burn at Port Ludlow. DDD for vessel reservations is April 30. Captains self-book with the marina to our reserved SBYC slips via Dock WA or with the marina office. Cancellation at no charge up to the day before.

June 7-9 Dinner Dance at Port of Kingston. DDD for vessel reservations will be published next month. Captains self-book with the marina to our reserved SBYC slips. Sour Mash returns this year to dish out more tasty blues and rock; the dinner menu is in-work and will be announced.

July 3 Raft-up at Liberty Bay. A sponsor will help decide on the July 4 destination, which typically is in Blakely Harbor.

Summer Rendezvous will be at Prevost Harbor July 24-28, so start your voyage planning now!

August 30-Sept 02 (September Labor Day)Brownsville Marina; reserved for 12 vessels. 2024 rates are $1.65/ft, $5.65/day for power, plus $1.05 per day for security and maintenance surcharge.

September 27-29 Salmon Bake at Des Moines Marina. DDD for vessel reservations will be published along with current rates soon. Captains, please contact SBYC Cruise Chair for slip reservations, we’ll assign. and slips similar to 2023’s salmon bake at Poulsbo. Cruisechair@shilsholebayyachtclub.org

“It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.” — Sir Francis Drake