Mark your calendars for the 2020 cruise weekends.  Keep an eye on your email for an EVITE closer to events; these will provide additional information on time and reservation requirements.

Wintery Wenatchee.   Event will be held if there is enough interest this year.  Watch for an EVITE in December, response will determine confirmation of the January date.  Skiing and visiting with friends is a different type of cruise, but just as enjoyable.

Bell Harbor.                 This cruise is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the culture and shopping of downtown Seattle, all within easy walking distance of the marina.  Saturday evening dinner will be held at Anthony’s again this year.

Yellow Fest.                Blake Island gives cruisers a chance to enjoy the Pacific NW outdoors away from the city, no cars, sirens, or crowds, all within 90 minutes by boat. Jessie Lundin will be hostess this year for the ‘Easter Egg’ hunt.

Burger Burn.               Blake Island again.  The hiking trails will have dried from the rains and hiking will be a pleasure.  The Pavilion has been reserved for our barbecue.

June Dinner/Dance. This dance is a lot of fun, as the band, Malo Castro and his players, are terrific musicians who perform upbeat and dance-able music. Dinner, wine, and dancing, all included in one place; the best deal in the city in June.

July Fireworks.             Poulsbo, as always, annual raft up, boat watching, fireworks display.

Summer Rendezvous.  Stewart Island, jumping off place for cruising in the islands.

Purple Passion.             Labor Day weekend, destination TBD.

Salmon Bake.               Poulsbo, grilled salmon, with potluck – our goodbye to summer cruising.


Location Date 2020 DATE 2019 DATE 2018
Winter Wenatchee January 25-26 February 8-10 February 9-11
Bell Harbor(1) March 7 March 1-3 March 2-4
Yellow Fest, Blake Island(2) April 11 April 20-21 March 30 – April 1
Burger Burn, Blake Harbor (3) May 16 May 18-19 May 19-20
June Dinner Dance, Kingston(4) June 13 June 15 June 9th
Poulsbo July 3 July 3 July 3rd
Summer Rendezvous July 29, 30 July 31 – August 1 August 1-3
Purple Passion September 6, 7 August 31 – Sept 1 September 1-2
Salmon Bake(5) September 26 September 28 September 29-30