by Ben Lobaugh

I wrote an article last month thanking you for your generosity in donating to Footloose’s new boat fundraiser. I wanted to give you an update on the progress of new boat purchases…

Bob Ewing had been talking with Frank Butler, the founder of Catalina Yachts, about getting a brand new boat, with Catalina donating the remaining costs. That, unfortunately, fell through.

The good folks over at Windworks are the Catalina dealers for the area. They have been working with us at every step of the way, and when they heard the news called us up immediately to let us know about a 2006 Catalina Capri 22 for sale on their dock at Shilshole.

Bob and I inspected the boat. It is in prime condition: very little wear, sails are good (headsail is new, main a couple years old), and everything is clean and mechanically sound. We are going to put in an offer. A few days after reading this notice, Footloose may be owners of a boat you helped purchase!

Thank you all again for supporting Footloose and its awesome mission. I will update you again when we know more.