SBYC has Reciprocal Moorage Agreements with other yacht clubs, shown listed by region, in the
2023 ROSTER on pp. 11 & 12. These agreements allow free or discounted moorage at each
other’s club docks. This list changes over the year as we add or delete reciprocal clubs. Visit, and click on Reciprocal in the upper right to view our agreements.

Visit the Yacht Destinations web site to see the most up-to-date list of the yacht clubs with
which we have reciprocal agreements. This web site also has information about other clubs
reciprocal agreements.  Create a login to their site and you can get marina maps and
instructions on how to apply at their dock.

Two new clubs to add to your list in the Roster this year are LAHAINA YC on Maui, and
SQUAMISH YC IN British Columbia, Canada. Both were added this year at the request of
members. Contact me if you want a club added to our Moorage Reciprocal Agreement.
We no longer have mutual reciprocal moorage agreements with several clubs listed in the
Roster on pp. 11 & 12. Examples are Semiahmoo YC in Blaine and Columbia YC in Portland.

It’s a good idea to review each club’s current website/Reciprocals before taking your boat to
their moorage. Is their reimbursement form to file with their club easily available, and where is
it? Is the club moorage limited to one boat per club per night? Is it first come first served with
no reservations? What are their other restrictions?

For example, Nanaimo Y. C. in British Columbia reissued their description of limits and
restrictions in March. Please review their website before visiting them.
Let me know if you do visit a club and use the reciprocal agreement for reimbursement of
moorage fees. If members do not visit a club on the list, we can remove that club from the
Yacht Destination list.

As a medium small club with moorage shared with other Port of Seattle tenants, we reimburse
one night per year per vessel up to $70 (and do not reimburse for power). In 2023 we expect to
host more out of area club boats than during the last three years. We hope to hear from you
when you use these privileges this year.

To confirm our agreement with a club before you head out, leave me a msg at my number in
the Roster and/or email
Rubie Johnson, SBYC 2023 Secretary & Reciprocals Manager.