Snowbird Race Notice


Class Breaks for February 10
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The Venue: Puget Sound in front of the Shilshole Bay Marina.
The Entrants: At least one person on each yacht must be a member of a PIYA affiliated club

The Boats: Any PHRF rated mono or multi hulled boat 20′ or greater in length.

Classes: Classes for Flying, Non-Flying, and Multi hulls (if 3 or more) will be provided.

1st Start: 11:00 AM (first warning at 10:55 AM)

Time Limit: 5 hours

Courses: 5 to 20 miles in length depending on conditions. Courses will be determined after the committee boat is anchored.  Course mark letters will be hung on the side of the committee boat.  The committee boat monitors channel 72.

Entry Fee:
 $50.00 for the 2017-2018 series of five races, $15 for each individual race

Entry Deadlines:
 November 8, 2017. Added entrants may register by the Wednesday prior to a race.

After Race Meetup: Ray’s Boathouse – upstairs bar area

Contact: Tom Madden at


    • One (1) race shall constitute participation in the series. There will be one throw-out for this series.
    • Scoring will be Time-On-Time.
    • SBYC Race Book
    • SBYC Race Marks


Amendment to the General Sailing Instructions SBYC Racing Rules

1)      General Note XI:   The Ship Canal Restricted Area is modified to allow entrance into the restricted area adequate to pass Can Buoy C1 in a seamanlike manner only when mark “E” is designated as a mark on the course.
2)      Mark “E” is now designated as the C”1” Can Buoy located on the north side of the entrance to the Ballard Locks at approximate position:

47° 40.73’ N,  122° 24.89’ W

3) As of 2017-2018 series there will be one throw out race.

These changes shall remain in effect until further notice.

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