Nominating Committee for 2019 Officers

Beginning this year, the Nominating Committee for next year’s club officers will be formed in May.  Traditionally, one member of the Board of Directors is appointed to serve on the committee, and two additional members are appointed from the general membership.  Director at Large, Rubie Johnson, was appointed to the Nominating Committee at the May 1, 2018 Board Meeting.

If you are interested in serving on the nominating committee please contact Rubie.

Job descriptions of all five elected officers and seven appointed positions are found on pages 30-31 of your By Laws at the back of the 2018 Membership Roster.

Elections are held at the meeting in November, and the new board is installed at the December Holiday dinner. Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday evening of every month except June, July and August.

Contact Rubie Johnson, Director at Large, with any questions about volunteering to serve your club on our fun board, the nominating committee, or in other capacities on cruises or on the sailboat race committee.