By-Law Change by Rubie Johnson,

NOTICE of By Law housekeeping addition, and one change.

The Board of Directors has approved the following changes.  Summary of By-Law changes are shown below IN CAPS in ARTICLE IV and ARTICLE X.

  1. Housekeeping change: formalize reading of the nominations for officers at both the October and November Dinner Meetings, rather than just the November Election meeting.  This has been the practice for two years, and gives more notice to the membership of the proposed slate of officers and elections.
  2. An addition of one year’s membership to the requirements for being nominated for an elected office.
  3. Housekeeping addition: an addition clarifies in ARTICLE X which officers are elected. This does not change the By-Laws.

Changes and additions are shown below in CAPS:

ARTICLE IV: Nominations and Elections

Section 1: The Nominating Committee shall publish nominees in the Rudderpost prior to the election meeting, which shall be the November dinner meeting.  The Nominating Committee shall read its selections to the Club at the OCTOBER DINNER MEETING, AND THE NOVEMBER election meeting.  Additional nominations OF CONSENTING MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING FOR A MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR FROM THE ELECTION MEETING may be made from the floor by any voting member.  No members shall be nominated without their consent.


ARTICLE X: Officers & Duties

Section 1: The Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, RACE CHAIR, AND CRUISE CHAIR shall be elected at the annual election meeting for the following Club year.

DISCUSSION:  Adding one year’s membership tenure to the requirements for an elected office does NOT affect participation on any committee or task.  It does not change eligibility for appointment by the Board to an elected office, should there be a vacancy.  Being a member of SBYC for a year prior to serving at the level of responsibility of an elected officer allows a candidate to participate in club activities while the club gets to know how the candidate might best serve the club.

Also, now that the Nominating Committee forms in May, rather than in the fall, there is ample time to recruit interested tenured members who may not volunteer, but might be interested and available.

Christmas Bells 2

Christmas Dinner Meeting by Roger Newby.


Dues by Roger Newby.

Hi to all SBYC Members!

It’s Holiday time – meaning our December 18 Dinner Meeting is a festive occasion.  We’ll be singing Christmas Carols, doing our Gift Exchange, and making merry with our good friends.  Please join us – your Evite invitation will be coming out early this week.
Also, we need all members to pay their 2019 Dues.  We are well below where we should be at this time on this important task, with well over 50% of our members not yet renewed for next year.  Please take a minute, right now, and get your dues payment made.  See our prior Rudderpost articles and various postings on our club website for any details you may need.  The final deadline for dues renewal without penalty is December 18 at the Christmas Dinner Party. 
I’m excited to help our Club enjoy a great year next year.  Let’s get Dues paid now and enjoy a wonderful holiday season, with our December 18 Dinner Party a big highlight.
Thanks.  All the best,
Roger Newby, on behalf of the 2018 Club Board of Directors.
Race Pic - Tom Madden - Dec 2018

Race Report by Tom Madden.

December 8 was the day of the second in the Snowbird Series races for 2018-2019. The day fell between frontal systems, and although it was brisk outside, in the lower 40s, the wind was on the light side, and the rain stayed away. Thirty seven boats are registered for the race, and all but six showed up on the starting line.


Shilshole Bay Yacht Club boats include Corvo105, skippered by Tom Kerr, and Billabong, skippered by Ben Lobaugh. As many of you know, Last Tango is for sale, as our own Jim Geros says he plans to do a little more land cruising.


We have the boats broken into five classes, including a “one design” class for the eight J-105s. This time I divided the bulk of the boats into classes based more on their sail area to displacement ratio, rather than just their PHRF rating. Although this makes for a bigger spread in ratings, the “sport boats” tend to race against similar boats, and the heavier boats race against similar designs. So far I believe this is working out well.

Lots of boats heading for the Meadow Point Buoy after rounding the first mark at West Point.


Everyone had finished by mid-afternoon, and many of the skippers and crew attended the after race party at Ray’s Boat House.

Next Race will be held on January 12, followed by the last two races in the series on February 9 and March 16.

Hope to see more of our SBYC boats out there in the next few races.

Tom Madden, Race Cair.

New Board Meeting Schedule for January by Roger Newby.

New Board Will Meet on January 3, 2019.
The new 2019 SBYC Board of Directors will have their first meeting on Thursday, January 3.  This is a re-scheduled date, since the standard “first Tuesday of the month” date falls on New Year’s Day.  Meetings will be at the home of Roger and Julie Newby in 2019, at:
13311 19th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125
Meeting starts at 6:30 PM
This first meeting will focus on goals for 2019 and a review of our 2019 Budget.  All members are encouraged to talk with Board Members about any issue facing the Club or anything you’d like the Board to consider.  One of our goals going forward will be to put additional effort into expanding our Club membership, so help from all members, by inviting good boaters to consider joining us, is an important element to achieving that goal.
Christmas Bells
Christmas Music
snowman 1
snowman 2

Commodore’s Corner.

It’s cold enough that I’m calling it WINTER! After subfreezing temps I’m glad to see the 40’s! Back to reality: it means it’s time for the Christmas dinner party for SBYC. It’s a busy time of year for most of us and I’m sure you have lots to do for Christmas and New Year. I do hope you have set aside time to come to the Christmas dinner party at Ivar’s on December 18, 2018. We will have both rooms at Ivar’s for the gathering. Roger will have his electric piano to play, while those of us who wish can sing Christmas carols with him.

We will also be installing our new officers for 2019. It has been my pleasure to serve the club as the Commodore this past year. I am disappointed that I couldn’t make the events; as all of you know, my boat has been totally out of commission for the past year. I hope to get that resolved this coming year. Both the boat, and event attendance.

Jesse has again offered to host the gift exchange, so all of you who wish to do so please bring a wrapped gift to be bartered about. I look forward to seeing everyone there! Don’t miss it if at all possible.

Please remember that your yearly club membership is due now. Normally there is a late fee after December 15, but the board voted to extend it to the 18th.  So, if you forget to send in your dues by the 15th you may pay them at the meeting with no penalty. Now there’s some Christmas spirit!

Looking forward to the 18th and seeing everyone’s smiling faces!

Ken McKenzie.

Lantern Walk 2018
Lantern Walk
Luminary Walk 2018

Green Lake Pathways of Light Luminary Walk 2018 by Pauline Bruce.

Last Saturday, December 8, some of the Land Cruisers from the club partook in the Seattle’s Pathway of Light Luminary Walk, which takes place every year around Green Lake in Seattle. This year SBYC had 13 members  walk around the lake and take in the Christmas music provided by local schools and groups at intervals around the lake. The display of lanterns all around the perimeter of the lake lit the way and many people adorned themselves with lights of all colors and descriptions. There were hot air balloons, which were lit up, but securely anchored to the ground, and made a pretty backdrop to the walk. Small boats adorned with holiday lights quietly motored around the edge of the lake. All the festive lights and lanterns added to the magic which is the Luminary walk every year. Come join us next year!

[Picture of balloons courtesy of Seattle Green Lake Pathway of Lights Facebook page.]