***Please note, we have made some changes to our reciprocal program effective January 1, 2020.

Reciprocal Moorage is at the Shilshole Bay Marina guest dock and requires specific paperwork available from the marina office.  Restrictions include:

  • Moorage is limited to one night’s stay, per boat per calendar year. Reserved moorage is not eligible for reciprocal reimbursement.  Electricity will be charged at the going rate and is not included in the reimbursement.
  • SBYC reimburses only one reciprocal per day to be determined by the earliest postmarked date of a reciprocal request mailed to SBYC. The postmarked date of the reciprocal request must be within 30 days of the date of visit.  The maximum reimbursement is $70.
  • A copy of the Guest Moorage Receipt from Shilshole Bay Marina and proof of current reciprocal club membership must be included with this form.
  • The marina receipt must include the amount paid to the marina. If you do not have this information because your visit was before and after hours, please contact the marina office and ask them to send you the Guest Moorage Receipt.
  • Requests received May-August may not be processed until September.

Mail completed form, copy of receipt, and proof of current membership to:
Shilshole Bay Yacht Club
Attn: SBYC Reciprocal Manager
2442 NW Market Street, Box 98
Seattle, WA 98107

Or submit via email to reciprocals@ShilsholeBayYachtClub.org.

To check the status of your reimbursement please email above address.

SBYC members, visit the Yacht Destinations web site to see a list of the yacht clubs with which we have reciprocal agreements.  Create a login to their site and you can get marina maps and instructions on reciprocal moorage.

Contact reciprocals@ShilsholeBayYachtClub.org   with any questions.

Reciprocal Clubs

British Columbia, Canada, Region

N. Puget Sound and Islands, Washigton

Central Puget Sound, Washington 

South Puget Sound, Washington