Factory Tour of Aspen Power Catamarans, in Burlington, Washington, the week of January 15, 2024.

C120 – https://aspenpowercatamarans.com/
Aspen asks that we limit the group to only eight people.  In addition, there is another tour planned – a tour of Skagit Valley. We will start by car pooling from the Seattle area to Burlington.  We will split into two groups:
1)  Those on the factory tour who will tour before lunch at the Airport/Brew Pub (a short walk or ride across from the factory).
2) The second group, large or small, who will go on a scenic ride of Skagit Valley and end up at an excellent art gallery, a delightful bakery and lunch.
 We will meet up again at the Airport/brew pub and carpool back.  Please email me at agirvin@comcast.net or put a message on Discord at ‘Aspen Factory Tour’ if you are interested in either tour.