Well, it’s fall now and the leaves are turning, and the holidays will soon be upon us. Thanksgiving, college bowl games, parties and everything leading up to the New Year! It’s an exciting time of the year and I hope everyone is getting their shopping done in preparation for the holidays.

Most of you will (and all of you should) be checking your boats, making sure they are secure for the winter. Probably not too many of you will be going out in your boats unless you want to tag along with the Christmas ships. A few of you might be going racing in the Snowbird series. This year’s Christmas dinner/meeting/party/gift exchange will again be at Ivar’s with both banquet rooms open for us. I look forward to seeing a large crowd with everyone there with rings on their fingers and bells on their toes! Well, maybe bells around their necks instead.

Roger again has a great speaker lined up for November’s meeting. Get your dinner choice to him in time to attend the event. The dinner meeting is on the 20th!

Cheers, Ken