For this article I will start by putting on my nominating committee hat and present your proposed 2024 SBYC board. My fellow committee members LB Day and Patricia Shannon-Garvey were instrumental in putting together this list, and I greatly appreciate their contributions. As always, this is a purely volunteer endeavor, yet board participation is an absolute necessity. Without active and thoughtful participation from the board the club could not continue on.


Commodore:  Roger Newby
Vice Commodore:  Patricia Hillis
Rear Commodore: Jason Breitling
Treasurer:  Barbara M.
Secretary: Judy Tallman
Immediate Past Commodore:  Thomas King
Director at Large: LB Day
Director at Large: Patricia Shannon-Garvey
Race Chair: Anne Girvin
Cruise Chairs: Julie Newby, David Rynning
Quartermaster: Katie Breitling
Webmaster:  Carol Bianquis
Fleet Captains: Ben Loubaugh, Matt Fraser
Rudderpost Editor: Pauline Bruce
Rudderpost Proof Reader: Sally Rawlings


Many will notice that a fair number of the members proposed for 2024 are also on this year’s board. This bodes well for next year as we have had a fun group with solid participation. I want to thank everyone for their willingness to continue to support our club in the future. Please make sure to attend the November dinner meeting and vote!


Although club business has kept me partly occupied as we slip into the quiet season for sailing, I still have a bit too much free time. I typically search out projects for the winter to keep me occupied. I also have a habit of surfing Craig’s List and came across a partially built little sailing pram that the original owner gave up on prior to completion and offered at a very fair price. I have a certain weakness for small boats, and collect them the same way some people rescue puppies. I won’t admit to how many small craft I have, but the combined length is 134 feet. In all fairness, some of these are inflatable, so if deflated the volumetric analysis is not so dire. The new addition came without instructions, adding a bit to the challenge, but in a good way. Once complete it should be a fun addition to the keel-boat for ship to shore duties, a quick sail in a calm anchorage, and even use with my little electric outboard. I have always loved sailing small boats and my first was an El Toro pram, followed by 2 lasers, sailboards and a few beach cat rides. I look forward to a return to small boat sailing, and hopefully some of you will want to give it a try. Yes, the homely little thing is more box shaped than boat shaped, but it is reported to row and sail better than it’s appearance would suggest.