The update on this topic is primarily two things:

    1. Please get your annual dues (typically $70) paid prior to December 15th
    2. The ways to pay DO NOT include the peer-to-peer online banking method, which is unfortunate. However, this peer-to-peer method can in our case end up with some confusion and errors, so we’ve had to eliminate this one method, for now. So, your payment options include:
      • Mailing a check, payable to SBYC, to our address in Ballard
      • Paying by check or credit card at one of the upcoming Dinner Meetings (October or November)

The other important thing we do each Fall, along with collecting the annual dues, is to update all members’ contact info (the usual name/address/phone/email items plus info about your boat). Historically the process has been a little cumbersome. You’d print a form fill it in and get it to a board member via mail or hand delivery. However now we have a form on the website which you can simply fill in. Here’s the link right to that online form:

Hope to see many of you at the next 2 Dinner Meetings with Dues and Info Updates. Please be sure to complete this no later than December 15, 2018 so we can get the updates done in time for printing the new roster.