Update on the FOOD DRIVE to NORTHWEST HARVEST Seattle.

Thank you for your donations in November.  Almost 20 pounds of staples, canned goods, and fixings for pasta dinners were donated to NW Harvest in November in the name of Shilshole Bay Yacht Club.

For the rest of the season, we suggest a direct donation to Northwest Harvest.  They use your cash donations to buy items most in need, to buy in bulk, and to repackage items.

For a one time gift, or planned giving, Use their SECURE DONATION link:    https://www.northwestharvest.org/ways-to-give/?form=donate

Thank you for helping SBYC serve our Seattle Community and feed families in need.  You may dedicate your gift in the name of Shilshole Bay Yacht Club, or dedicate it to a loved one.

Warm Holidays, Rubie Johnson.