Purple Passion Cruise.

We had another successful Purple Passion Cruise; ten boats and 25 people were able to make it to Des Moines Marina for the fun. We love this lively event at the end of the summer where we can all catch up on summer cruises – or in this case, plan our next moves! – and celebrate (what turned out to be a few) birthdays. We also had a wonderful time just hanging out in the warm weather, which made for a nice Labor Day weekend.

Des Moines turned out to be an ideal location for a cruise. The pavilion at the dock had plenty of tables and chairs for our gatherings. They have a Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and an Anthony’s restaurant that some of us dined at. We may need to work Des Moines into our annual cruise calendar.

On Saturday we were able to have dessert a bit later than originally planned because the pavilion is lighted. This gave people more time for dinner, which was mostly on our own, but as usual, there was a lot of sharing going on and many of us ate in the pavilion. The Dessert buffet offered a plethora of purple to pick from. There were so many delicious desserts and shades of purple. Nice work everyone!

Sunday’s cocktail contest had three unique and brilliant entries.  We had the cleverest entry of all times by Barbara with her Out of the Box ??? (can you get the name of the drink?), and the best tasting Mad Berry Mojito by Aliza.  Contestants tried to compete for presentation, however, for the third year in a row, resident entertainer August, (AKA Doctor Hahn. Medicare. “Certified”) won the show once again. This time with his formula for an Elixir to cure the Aging Ills of our newest Medicare recipients, and the rest of us too. His show could not be beat. With a sly smile, Dr. Hahn combined unique ingredients that he guaranteed would change our lives for the better, all we had to do was have a drink. And the liquor, it was delicious.  Who cares that it does not reverse aging, it helped me forget the inconveniences and enjoy the day. The formula is a dark secret; only known to our esteemed SBYC member.  Come next year, maybe the magic will be performed again…