Fifth Race – March 18, 2023

Our last race of the series, on March 18, started with about 3.5 knots of wind, but increased enough so that during the downwind run, the racers were able to fly their spinnakers. The weather was warm and sunny; a pleasure for our twenty-three racers.

Snowbird Series Results

We had over 40 boats registered and between 20 and 30 boats coming for each race! One of our racers mentioned that the series did not seem like winter sailing! Every race we were blessed with sunny days, seasonal temperatures with no wind storms, no torrential rain, no drizzle.

Class 1
1st Bijou
2nd Scirocco
3rd Rally Cap

Class 2
1st Perfectly Strange
2nd Lady Too
3rd Zap

Class 3
1st Creative
2nd Cyrano
3rd Puff

Class 4
1st Francy
2nd Gusto
3rd Ratfish

Class 5
1st Pippa
2nd Flash
3rd North Star

Class 6
1st Presto