Autumn is here and the sun has set on the cruising season.  During the prime season, we enjoyed a few club events, a birthday trip to Winslow for me, and a couple of weeks up to the Gulf Islands and back – along with many a sunny evening sail outside the breakwater at Shilshole.

Last summer, the club brought back the SBYC Dock Party as a semi-regular club event.  We held two dock parties, and we were hoping to work in a third before the weather turned.  Alas, our schedule proved too full to host another this month, but we will gear up and be ready to roll with at least three next summer.  If you’re like me and are unfortunate enough to not be out cruising all summer, these parties provide an opportunity to connect with other club members stuck on land for a given weekend and meet other folks from the docks that our club inhabits.  If you’re interested in hosting a party on your dock next spring/summer, please let me know and we’ll start working up a schedule for next season.

This time of year, the club’s attention turns to the club dinner meetings.  These meetings are a great and easy way to introduce potential members to the club.  If you have any folks in mind that you think would be great additions to the SBYC, please invite them and share the Evite. If you’d like someone to reach out to your prospective members, please just let me know, and I’ll reach out.

I’m happy to announce that the board has approved one new member this month! Doug and Dana Wilson have attended a few events over the past couple of years, and they have completed the new member process.  We’re excited to have them and their C&C 34, Carmanah, in the club.  You may recognize Carmanah from the local racing circuit.  She’s been out on the course for many years in our area.  If you haven’t met the Wilsons yet, come to the October dinner meeting, and introduce yourself to these fine, new members.

Finally, it is that time of year when we ask folks to begin the membership renewal process.  Membership renewal fees are due by December 15.  You can pay by check, cash or card.  Note that the Square device charges us an extra 3.5% if you pay by card, so that would be added to your cost if you choose to pay that way.  You can pay in person at a meeting or event, mail the club a check with the memo listed as renewal, or there is a tab on the website that will lead you through a process that allows you to make any changes desired to your club roster listing, and culminates with a “click to purchase” button.  Link here to the website location for renewal.  Please renew before the December 15 deadline.  If you miss the deadline, there is now a $20 late fee assessed through the end of the calendar year, and that late fee goes up to $25 after January 1.  Note also that if you’re late enough, you may not be listed in the roster.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Jason Breitling

Rear Commodore