2019 Slate of Officers –Elections Will Be Held At November Dinner Meeting

Nominating Committee, formed in May:  Chair, Rubie Johnson, Director At Large, Joe Bozick, Anne Girvin, Patricia Shannon-Garvey

My thanks go to the Nominating Committee for working to fill positions on the Board for next year.

Election is to be held at the dinner meeting. Nominations from the floor, are allowed. Nominees must be  members in good standing, and present at the dinner meeting to give us a short description of what they would like to contribute to club operations for 2019. In case of multiple candidates for an office, we will vote by written ballot for that office.


Candidates for your officers for 2019 are:

Commodore                           Roger Newby

Vice Commodore                  AJ Mallory

Rear Commodore                 Ben Lobaugh

Secretary                               Jewels Mellon

Treasurer                               LB Day

Race Chair                             Ben Lobaugh

Cruise Chair                           Patricia Shannon-Garvey

Director at Large 2019-20  Anne Girvin


The Board of Directors includes the Immediate Past Commodore, Ken McKenzie, and the Director at Large for 2018-2019, Dick Eagle.


Per Bylaws, POSITIONS APPOINTED BY THE 2019 Board are:

Fleet Captain & PHRF Measurer              Tom Madden

PHRF Director                                             OPEN

Quarter Master                                            Barbara Mallory

Rudderpost Editor                                      Pauline Bruce

Social Media Director                                OPEN

Webmaster AJ Mallory until filled          OPEN


Time Frame for Nominating Committee:

May Board Meeting             – Board member appointed to form Nominating Committee

October Dinner Meeting     – Slate presented to the membership

November Dinner Meeting – Elections

December Holiday Dinner – Installation of new officers

January Dinner Meeting    – Distribution of new Roster


I invite you to consider how you might serve the club next year. The duties of the elected officers are described in the Roster under By Laws.  To learn more, talk to your elected board members, and the past directors.

Volunteer to help for individual events.  It’s a good way to mix and mingle with other club members.  You are very welcome!

Director At Large, Rubie Johnson