Officers and Directors

Commodore: Ken McKenzie (
Vice Commodore: Roger Newby  (
Rear Commodore: (
Treasurer: LB Day (
Secretary: Jewels Mellen (
Race Chair: Tom Madden (
Cruise Chair: Patricia Shannon-Garvey (
Immediate Past Commodore: Colin Shannon-Garvey
Director at Large (2016-2017): Dick Eagle
Director at Large (2017-2018): Rubie Sanborn Johnson


Appointed Officers and Representatives

Rudderpost Editor: Pauline Bruce (
Contributing Editor: Sally Rawlings 
Quartermaster: Barbara M (
Fleet Captain: Ben Lobaugh
Race Protest Chair:
PHRF Handicapper: Larry Clark
PHRF Director: Michael Thompson
Committee Boat: Jerry Hillis
Webmaster: AJ Mallory (,